Top Spots in Savannah, GA


It’s been a few months since our trip to Savannah over 4th of July weekend. Savannah is a magical city and writing about it here means admitting that the trip is over. There’s just something special about Savannah. Was it the food? The southern hospitality? The dozens of squares filled with flowers and history? Or the patriotism… Read more »

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland


If you have time to visit only one place outside of Reykjavik, Snæfellsnes Peninsula should be the place. If you’re driving around the country, leave at least one day for this peninsula. If you have more than a week to explore this beautiful country, give Snæfellsnes Peninsula a good chunk of your time. The hardest… Read more »

A Weekend Getaway in Portland, Maine


In the last few years, it seems that a lot of small towns have really shined as great destinations for weekend getaways. Perhaps this is a distinctly East Coast thing that’s always existed and one of many quarks I’m still learning as a new Atlantic coast resident. Or maybe the advent of Pinterest over the… Read more »

48 Hours in Reykjavik


Reykjavik is a city like no other and is distinctly unique. It has that Icelandic feel that’s hard to explain but ever present throughout the country. Our first afternoon in Reykjavik was the coldest, rainest day in Iceland. Fortunately, we were treated to beautiful, sunny, 65 degree weather on our last day and a half… Read more »

The Best of Southern Iceland


South Iceland is the most visited part of Iceland, largely because of its proximity to Reykjavik and its easy access for those visiting on a quick Iceland Air stopover. But more importantly, it is one of the most beautiful parts of Iceland with so much to see and do. You could spend an entire week… Read more »

Iceland Road Trip 8-day Itinerary


Planning our Iceland vacation was the hardest travel prep I’ve ever done – there were so many amazing places we wanted to fit into our schedule with only a limited amount of time. A lot of people said before we went that you needed two weeks to truly see everything you should see in Iceland.… Read more »