Our List

Almost every day, we’re thinking about new places to travel to, see, and explore. It’s getting to the point where we’re having a hard time keeping track of our travel goals. Here are the things we’re working towards. Call it a bucket list, life goals, or whatever you will. To us, it’s a way to step back and appreciate everything we’ve done and everything we can look forward to in the future.

[x] Attend a hot air balloon festival

[x] Drive Iceland’s ring road

[] Eat churros in Spain

[] Explore a glacier cave

[x] Get lost in the Irish countryside

[] Go to a European Christmas market

[x] Hike a volcano

[] Hike Machu Picchu

[] Island hop in Greece

[] Road trip Australia’s eastern coast

[] Road trip the Pacific Northwest

[x] Sail along the Alaskan coast

[] Sail the Norwegian fjords

[] See the northern lights

[] See penguins in the wild

[] See the Russian Ballet in St. Petersburg

[] Spend time in every U.S. state (driving through doesn’t count!)

[] Try a new outdoor activity on vacation

[] Kayaking

[x] Horseback riding

[] Rock climbing

[] Stand up paddle boarding

[] Wind surfing

[] White water rafting

[] Visit every Museum in Washington, DC

[] Visit the Berlin Wall

[x] Walk on a glacier

[] Explore more U.S. National Parks:

[x] Acadia National Park

[] Glacier National Park

[] Grand Teton National Park

[] Olympic National Park

[] Yosemite National Park

[] Zion National Park