Henry and Meghan here. We originate from the sweltering deserts of Arizona and have since moved to the DC metro area. We traded in mountain views and towering saguaro cacti for four seasons and we’ve never looked back. After several years of school, part-time jobs, and big life events, we’ve finally been able to settle down and figure out what married life is all about. With jobs in D.C. that keep us busy 12 hours a day during the week, we decided it was time to start doing something with our lives that didn’t revolve around work. We [Meghan] decided that 2016 is going to be our year of travel and she’s already talking about what travel in 2017 will entail.


I grew up seeing the U.S. on road trips, while Meghan saw little of the states and a lot of the world. From Australia to Paris, Meghan may have seen some of the most sought-after sites in the world, but missed out on things like New York City, Disney World, and pretty much every national park. Meanwhile, I tagged along with my parents on U.S. road trips, a few Hawaii visits, and several Disneyland vacations, but didn’t venture too far outside of the United States. So we’re trying to bring balance to both of our experiences.


You’ll see from our “Destinations” page that our travel includes a lot of U.S. cities and a few international vacations. With full time jobs as relatively new employees, we don’t get as much time off during the year as we would like. So we’ve decided to make the most of holiday weekends and cheap airfare to see U.S. cities with direct flights to D.C., saving up all of our leave for a few great international vacations each year. This blog is primarily written by Meghan while I maintain the site design and contribute a few pictures. Mostly, i’m just along for the ride. Join me as I chase Meghan from one adventure to the next!

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