10 Things NOT to do When Visiting Barcelona


Barcelona is one of those cities that will surprise you. Before our trip, we’d heard mixed reviews about the city. No one genuinely loved it and a few recommended we skip it all together. Do not listen to those people! Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and friendly European cities we’ve been to and… Read more »

18 Reasons to Visit Seattle


Have you ever visited a city and instantly felt at home? That’s pretty much how I feel about Seattle. It has this completely indescribable atmosphere that I was drawn to instantly when visiting it for the first time when I was 12 years old. Since then, I’ve been back every few years. This spring, Henry… Read more »

25 Reasons to Visit Tucson, AZ


As native Arizonans, we never understood why people would visit Tucson. Its a dry place with a lot of sharp trees and deadly snakes. The weather and landscape never seem to change with the seasons. It’s just brown. At least, these were all things we thought when growing up in Tucson. Today, after almost 5… Read more »

Colonial Williamsburg in a Day


Despite what the official Colonial Williamsburg website says, you can in fact visit this historical site in a day and see almost everything you want to see. A short 2 hour drive from DC, Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect day trip whether you live in or are just visiting the nation’s capital. When entering the… Read more »

Three Must-Do Hikes Near Santa Fe


When planning our trip to Santa Fe, we were excited for the art, culture, and architecture. I was expecting to be transported back to my childhood growing up in the south west. Adobe buildings, the smell of roasting chiles, and mexican food galore. While Sante Fe delivered on all of those fronts, what we didn’t… Read more »

The Best Beaches in Antigua


There’s a long held belief that Antigua and Barbuda’s big island (Antigua) has enough beaches to visit a different one every day of the year – that’s right, 365 days of beaches. When planning our trip, I doubted this statistic. Only 12 miles wide, it seemed impossible that there could be so many beaches on… Read more »